CAP Trial,†November 2010: Matt Geshke “The healthiest plants I’ve ever grown.”

Pictures From Florida, March 2008

“Now I have seen a lot of strange products in my day but this one looked like it was from another planet. But, I agreed to put it in my grow room and try it. I remember saying to Henry that I was definitely going to prove that the machine did not work. Henry said, go ahead prove me wrong. And that was how the test started.

I put the DI- 9200 in my grow room and ran it for 15 minutes an hour 24 hours a day.†Please understand that I donít take my plants all the way to flowers and yield, my focus is growing the best plant stock that I can.†This is what happened over the next six weeks: When I would prune leaves or stalks, the regeneration rates were four times what I have seen over the last 5 years. The canopy biomass increased by more than 20 percent. There was no change in†intermodal†spacing.

The effects of my special blend of nutrients were amplified therefore allowing me to use up to 30% less.†Spider Mites and similar indoor garden pests appeared to reproduce at a much slower rate even when temperatures increased and humidity decreased.†When some fans failed and there was a sharp heat spike, the plants survived where previously without BioWave they would have likely died.

Bottom line is these were the healthiest plants that I have ever grown.”

Matt Geschke
Former Product Development Manager
CAP Controllers