Our Commitment to Science.

We value and respect the science of what we do and are committed to delivering products that are proven with reliable and repeatable results. We subject our products to a rigor of laboratories to ensure that our performance is scientifically proven and repeatable in the field.

Our Commitment to Development.

Our commitment begins at the design table, where we strive to develop meaningful products that are simple and turnkey for our end users. Once developed, we continue this commitment in our testing process and subject our products unbiased, quantitative third party test before we put any products in to the market. As the New Green Revolution grows, we continue to learn, improve and produce innovative products for our customers.

Commitment to our Customers.

Our customers mean the world to us and we want to be able to provide support for everyone – it doesn’t matter how big or how small you are – we are committed to providing our customers with quality products that they can use.

Our Story

B-wavetech (B-wave) is a manufacturer of Biowave products and holds patents for its own technology in over 38 countries.

The Biowave product was invented by Mr. Henry Adams in 2007, an inventor and entrepreneur while working on major project that would revolutionize engine technology in vehicles and vessels, he stumbled on a new technology that would noticeably increase the size of his own plants.  Mr. Adams, began to testing his hypothesis in his own home, and concluded that his product worked very well.  Upon his conclusion, he patented his invention and validated his results through independent studies and began to commercialize his product, selling thousands of machines worldwide.

Today, B-wavetech is at the forefront of this technology, developing and distributing Biowave products.



Kori S.

I recently purchased a biowave mini after seeing the product on the Netflix TV show disjointed. I thought to myself "this is almost too elaborate to be completely fictional". With that in mind I did a quick Google search of the product name "biowave mini". I wasn't very surprised when I discovered that it was in fact a real product. However I was surprised at the claims the product made. After doing some research on the product I decided that if it's claims were true than it would easily pay for itself within a very short period of time. The buying process was very simple and quick. Also very clear instructions are provided on how to operate and maintain the product to achieve maximum potential. After receiving my biowave mini, I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening the box. Not only was I excited to see how my plants would react to the biowave but, I personally think it looks really cool and, I enjoy watching it operate. After one day of using the biowave as directed, my plants have immediately shown improvement in overall health. I cannot speak to any claims on growth or development just yet but, I will say that the plants noticably enjoy the biowave. One of the most noticable benefits of the biowave is that it has already decimated an outbreak of spider mites. I cannot wait to see the full extent that my purchase of the biowave mini has allowed me to achieve! All in all I am %100 satisfied already and I plan on doing more business with biowave in the future.

Stewart E., NC

Hydroponic Grower

... In all, after using the Biowave and seeing the results first hand, I have to say that I am very pleased. The Biowave should be a no-brainer, because of the shorter harvest intervals, and increase in weight per harvest, we improved our efficiency by roughly 35% and I couldn't be happier.

Jason D., Seattle, WA


I've been running pretty much the same program, (If it ain't broke, don't fix it), and I'm weary of changing things up too much. I know things fluctuate, but the results are substantial enough to know this is not a fluke. So far...after four runs, the machine has paid for itself several times over, the plants are noticeably healthier, 10-15 percent higher yields, drastic reduction in spider mites...

Pete G., Ventura, CA

Hydroponic Operator

The results I have been seen are better than using CC02 and without the struggle or investing of dealing with C02, which always results in poor taste and smell deficiencies and can make the overall finish times take longer. With the BioWave machines I am experiencing all the benefits of c02 and the fact that the BioWave is acting as a deterrent to pests is worth its weight in gold to us.