In 2012 a study was conducted on the effect of b-wave machines on yield increases as it pertains to the harvesting of tobacco plants


Study conducted in 2010-2011 by Lynette Morgan of SunTec Hydroponic Consultants. The study focused on the effects of b-wave’s technology on yield and nutrients as it pertains to tomatoes


Study by The Ohio State University in 2011, conducted to see if b-wave machines reduced certain insect populations particularly thrips and leafhoppers


Test from 2012-13 conducted by BioWave Industries, observing b-wave harmonic frequencies’ effects on the dilation of stoma in the leaves of bell peppers.


Test in 2011 conducted by Silliker Labs (subsidiary of Merieux Nutrisciences) on effective increase of BRIX metrics in peaches caused by b-wave machines


2011 trial By American Hydroponics CEO on the effects of b-wave machines on basil, rudibeckia, and peppers

Pictures From Florida, March 2008

2010 trial by Matt Geshke former product development manager of CAP distribution on the effects of b-wave machines in hydroponic environments.

Acoustic Testing

Acoustic testing has recently been completed with RA Engineering Inc. testing the physical properties of the Biowave machine. Ambient sound was reduced by 90% using mean averaging proving the sound waves measured were coming from the machine. Learn More

Acoustic Communication in Plants


Sound and its use in communication have significantly contributed to shaping the ecology, evolution, behavior, and ultimately the success of many animal species. Yet, the ability to use sound is not a prerogative of animals. Learn More

Plants & Sound


Throughout history, human beings have noticed that music and even human voices have an effect on plant growth.  Massive antidotal reports confirm plant yields often increase when music is played. Learn More

CO state test


lettuce trials with the BioWave machine.

Biowave               = 16.2 grams dry weight (±0.53)

Control                 = 12.6 grams dry weight (±0.41)

29 % percent greater

Steven E. Newman, Ph.D., A.A.F.
Colorado State University

Hawaiian Coffee Production

Biowave Results vs Control Area

First picture is the nursery without the Biowave.

Second picture is the nursery with Biowave!

Leaves Bigger & More Growth with Biowave!

Nursery with Biowave


Nursery without Biowave


Biowave Results

Pictures show large difference between the Biowave area and control.

Biowave Area