How does it work?

The Biowave product works using sound to increase the plant’s normal motion for breathing in CO2.

How do I install the BioWave machine?

How to set up the B-WaveTech DL-9200 and DL-1000(Mini)

Recommended complimentary products:

-Pulley Ratchets

-Multi-program Timer


Assembling your DL-9200, DL1000, is a short and simple process.

Remove the machine from the box, attach pulley ratchets (available from your local retailer) to the (2) eyebolts that are attached to the top plate (just below the dome)

Installing and Running DL-9200, DL-1000

For optimal results, and to keep your machine under warranty, we advise you to use it in the following way:

Start by making sure the DL9200, DL-1000 is hung vertically with the Dome towards the ceiling.

The bottom of the machine should be aligned with the top ‘canopy level’ of the plants; to achieve this it is recommended to use the ratchet pulleys, this also assures that it may be adjusted upwards as your plants grow.

It’s optimal to have the DL9200, DL-1000 as close as possible to the center of the growing area. It’s effects radiate out from the machine in a circular pattern, so putting it close to a wall will limit it’s effectiveness.

Run the DL9200, DL-1000(for 15 minutes on, 45 minutes off, every hour during the light cycle). You can use a multi program timer for this purpose.

Keep the DL9200, DL-1000 turned OFF during the dark cycle. Running while your growing space is dark stresses the plants and will put excessive wear on the unit.

After mounting plug the DL9200, DL-1000 to the timer, plug the timer to a working wall outlet, and you are done. It is highly recommended to use the machine throughout the whole life cycle of the plant, on order to get optimal results.

For best results it is recommended that the CO2 level be elevated to 2000 ppm. Also the plants can absorb more nutrients so you can up the level 300 ppm with no ill effects to the plants.

Note 1: Due to rotating parts at high velocity it is recommended to keep the unit away from animals and children. You should also be mindful of hair and loose clothing when working around the unit. Always unplug the unit before attempting to handle it in any way.

Note 2: For the same reasons as Note 1 intermittent sound and machine vibration are normal. Loud grinding or squealing noises are NOT normal, please contact our RMA department if you are experiencing either of these.

Cleaning the unit

To clean the Mini use a lint less cloth and mild hand soap and water. Do not use Acetone ,Windex ,or other solvents, as it will scar the surface of the plastic.

Maintaining DL9200, DL-1000:

Although your BioWave machine is very easy to use, any machine with moving components requires periodic maintenance to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

At least every four months you need to service your machine, using the following procedure.

Disconnect the machine from the power source/ timer before performing maintenance.

It is recommended but not necessary to dismount the DL9200, DL-1000 from the pulleys, and place the machine horizontally on a table.

Remove the top dome using a 5/32” Allen wrench. And 7/16” socket

Locate all four bearings (they each use two bolts to fasten them to the polycarbonate plates), use a cotton swab or rag to remove any excess grease from the bearings.

Using a grease gun, locate the brass grease nipple on the side of each bearing. Using multi-purpose lithium grease, attach the grease gun to the grease nipple, and begin greasing. Apply 1oz. of grease, this is generally one ‘pump’ of the grease gun, do not over-grease this can result in bearing failure. Do not grease pressed bearings (the ones not being fastened by screws in the top plate and motor plate) these bearings are sealed and adding grease can cause issues.

If the grease flows out around the nipple it means that the nipple is clogged. Get a wrench or socket take the nipple off and take a paperclip or other wire and clean out the nipple. Blow through it to make sure it is no longer clogged and replace on the bearing.

Carefully put the lid back on to the machine. Be careful of electronics while putting lid back on.

NOTE: It is imperative to service your machine. Failure to do so will void your warranty.

Dl 9000 (farm model) setup

Locate a spot in the middle of the field. The machine will cover up to 10 acres.

Take machine off the pallet.

Lay the machine on the ground in a horizontal position. Insert the 4 legs on the bottom of the machine through the 4 holes and tighten the nuts.

Carefully tilt the machine to a vertical position. Make a mark where each leg contacts the ground. Carefully tilt the machine back to a horizontal position on the ground.

Dig four holes approximately 15 inches deep where they have been marked.

Tilt the machine back up to vertical inserting the legs into the holes in the ground.

Make sure the solar panel in facing south. Make sure the machine is level. Fill in the holes around the legs.

Hook up battery leads to a 12 volt charged battery

Your machine is now ready to begin operation.

Run times are preset to your time zone at the factory.



Have these products been tested?

Yes. Our products have been tested over various period in qualified laboratories and in the field by accredited labs such as Suntec Labs, Ohio State University, Silliker Southern California Laboratory, and others.  In addition to these test, we’ve had a number of customers that have seen dramatic year-over-year increase in their yield, beginning from day 1.  You can find some of our test reports on this site, and review our testimonials to see for yourself.

How effective is Biowave?

In multiple studies, some lasting up to four years, the mean yield average was approximately 20% more than the Control subjects.  The lowest yield was 12%, and the highest increase was 30% – these results have been documented and can be found on our science section.

How does Biowave’s technology work?

Simply put – Biowave helps plants breathe better.  We are able to accomplish this by dilating stomata, which is used to absorb more oxygen during the plant’s respiration period, and more carbons during photosynthesis, as illustrated in the reports found in our science section.  To learn more please click here >>

How will this affect my other equipment?

Biowave is an excellent complement to any garden and safe to use with other equipment. Often used with a variety of electronics and lights our product will not affect your existing equipment. If you have any questions about installation, please read the manual found in our instructions section, if you need further assistance, please contact us on our support page.

What’s the life expectancy of my machine?

All machines are built to last with stainless steel rotors and other corrosion resistant materials, intended to protect the machine from natural rusting and wear from the natural elements.  We guarantee a full year, but an extended warranty is available.  We are so confident in our product that we offer a full parts and labor warranty, see our warranty page for more information.

Do these machines have any impact on Humans or Animals?

No.  Biowave is engineered specifically for plant life, and so humans and larger animals will not notice the machine; however, most insects will not like the sensation of the plants and will remove themselves from the affected area – hence, it repels insects.  That said, in a study conducted by Ohio State University, it showed no effect on Bees or Flys; however, other insects such as grasshoppers, spiders, mites and others removed themselves from the area.