Christopher V., OR

LEAD AGRONOMIST, Higher Minds Horticulture

Higher Minds HorticultureWe have been using the biowave technology on and off for about two years now. Its an interesting technology that presents a low cost, low maintenance addition to any indoor cultivation scenario. Operation costs being relatively high for cannabis horticulture the biowave is initially attractive for its rapid ROI and extremely low operating costs. Regarding claims about increased yields: the biowave tech does seem to stimulate a growth response from the increased gas exchange as a result of stomatal dilation. This is particularly important when utilizing elevated CO2 levels in artificial environments. Increased gas exchange leads to increased carbon fixation and in turn an elevated metabolism. This of course can lead to shorter harvest intervals and increased dry weight. A point of note: the biowave is not a panacea for poor cultivation technique. Environmental parameters, nutrient loads, irrigation programs and the like must all be optimized to truly see maximum gain from the biowave. Environmental humidity must be maintained properly as well and is in fact key to reaping the maximum benefits from the biowave technology.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the biowave is its ability to significantly reduce insect loads in affected environments. We have seen first hand on at least three separate occasions the ability of this technology to not only slow the spread of an infestation but actually keep pests contained to a single plant. It appears to interfere with the reproductive and feeding habits of most common pests found in the indoor cannabis environment. Utilizing the biowave we were able to eliminate broad mites, russet mites and “root” aphids in an extremely short period of time and with far less expense on various insecticidal treatments. These units turned potentially devastating circumstances into a minor problem, easily rectifiable and with low cost. This feature alone makes the biowave integral to our program and is the primary motivation for having units placed in all of our rooms.

In short, if you are a serious cultivator the biowave is an absolute necessity for your program.

Additional information from Christopher:

A fairly new technique in indoor cannabis cultivation (but by no means a new concept in horticulture/science) is the concept of VPD, vapor pressure deficit. You can look that one up if you want in detail but its equivalent to the “drying” capability of the air. Think relative humidity, sorta. Its is an interplay between the temperature and the humidity. Growers are finding that elevated humidity levels for indoor environments, contrary to the prevailing wisdom of “lower is better”, are actually producing a superior product. And by elevated I mean 75% RH at the average indoor environmental temperature. Of course this can exacerbate fungal problems among other things and appropriate IPM must be in place. Please keep in mind I am rapidly glazing over this topic. So this leads us to your product, stomatal dilation and transpiration. The plant regulates its CO2 uptake via the stomata but also regulates is transpiration through the stomata as well. This presents a fine balance for the plant depending on environmental conditions, for when it opens the stomata to uptake CO2 it also loses water to the environment, especially if that environment is dry. This can cause undue stress. If however you open the stomata in a relatively humid environment the plant is free to exchange gaseous CO2 without undue moisture loss, making the most of your biowave and all it has to offer. As a side note the stomata are mostly closed during the night cycle since they aren’t fixing carbon (C3 plants) and aren’t transpiring as often to remain cool. Which is why it is unnecessary and harmful to run the biowave during the night cycle. One can also manipulate nutrient uptake and thus growth rates with VPD.

We have seen much better results from the biowave when sticking to VPD and higher humidity. Some would suggest that running a high VPD (low humidity ) for the plants to transpire more and uptake more nutrient solution from the root zone, but I disagree.

As an aside: as I mentioned in my review I think the biowave is great for those who have their program dialed but are looking for that extra edge. Its doesn’t make sense to utilize a biowave (for increased growth that is) if your nutrient protocols are lacking or your environment is off. If you accelerate growth in an already deficient program it only makes those deficiencies worse.

Kori S.

I recently purchased a biowave mini after seeing the product on the Netflix TV show disjointed. I thought to myself "this is almost too elaborate to be completely fictional". With that in mind I did a quick Google search of the product name "biowave mini". I wasn't very surprised when I discovered that it was in fact a real product. However I was surprised at the claims the product made. After doing some research on the product I decided that if it's claims were true than it would easily pay for itself within a very short period of time. The buying process was very simple and quick. Also very clear instructions are provided on how to operate and maintain the product to achieve maximum potential. After receiving my biowave mini, I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening the box. Not only was I excited to see how my plants would react to the biowave but, I personally think it looks really cool and, I enjoy watching it operate. After one day of using the biowave as directed, my plants have immediately shown improvement in overall health. I cannot speak to any claims on growth or development just yet but, I will say that the plants noticably enjoy the biowave. One of the most noticable benefits of the biowave is that it has already decimated an outbreak of spider mites. I cannot wait to see the full extent that my purchase of the biowave mini has allowed me to achieve! All in all I am %100 satisfied already and I plan on doing more business with biowave in the future.

Stewart E., NC

Hydroponic Grower

... In all, after using the Biowave and seeing the results first hand, I have to say that I am very pleased. The Biowave should be a no-brainer, because of the shorter harvest intervals, and increase in weight per harvest, we improved our efficiency by roughly 35% and I couldn't be happier.

Jason D., Seattle, WA


I've been running pretty much the same program, (If it ain't broke, don't fix it), and I'm weary of changing things up too much. I know things fluctuate, but the results are substantial enough to know this is not a fluke. So far...after four runs, the machine has paid for itself several times over, the plants are noticeably healthier, 10-15 percent higher yields, drastic reduction in spider mites...

Pete G., Ventura, CA

Hydroponic Operator

The results I have been seen are better than using CC02 and without the struggle or investing of dealing with C02, which always results in poor taste and smell deficiencies and can make the overall finish times take longer. With the BioWave machines I am experiencing all the benefits of c02 and the fact that the BioWave is acting as a deterrent to pests is worth its weight in gold to us.

Calvin S., CA


Our customers are very happy with their recent purchase of the biowave machines. We would suggest it to all of our customers. The best thing is once they buy one they usually come back and buy a second unit.


Dante J., Denver, CO

Hydroponic Operator

We wanted to find ways to increase our yield this past season, and this machine did the trick.  I am always so skeptical about new technology, but B-wave has substantial research that I couldn't afford to ignore.  This machine was really affordable compared to buying a Co2 system and requires WAY less maintenance, and since the lab test was comparable... I figured that this would be a smarter investment, and it was.  We had more than 25% increase from our garden this season. Thanks!


Thomas B., Clovis, CA

Green Grower

One of the best investments we've made.  We were looking to expand, but didn't have the resources to buy another C02 system for our addition, so we tried this and I would say that it's very comparable. Looking forward to our next grow.

Mike, WA


We're a small hydroponic retailer in the Seattle area and we are so happy with this product in our stores.  I remember the first time we got it in, we didn't know if this would even sell, but almost everyone that walked in asked about it and it sold within the first few days.  We reluctantly ordered another, we didn't know if it was a fluke and sure enough almost everyone that walked in asked us for a demo, and it too was gone as quick as the first one.  They stay on the counter for a few days and then it's sold.

Lara, Chicago, Ill.

founder of plant stress

This has to be magic or something, people love it.  I saw this machine on the news and I was expecting it to cost a lot more, but ultimately we bought it for our store and it gets a lot of attention.  I feel pretty good about it when people come to me and let me know that they're making better yields.  That's what I'm talkin about!


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