American Hydroponics: Pepper and Basil Trial

In January of 2011 American Hydroponics CEO Michael Christian conducted a trial using b-wave technology, here were his findings:

“We used one in our grow room, and had some interesting results. Our Rudbeckia grew the thickest leaves we’ve seen with plentiful flower sites and robust flowers with thick petals. The Purple Opal Basil and Sweet Basil grew amazingly well with unusually big leaves and thick stems (under strictly HID light). A Purple Bell Pepper that just pumped out the peppers, faster than we’ve seen before… they were delicious, very sweet. Got 2 lbs of peppers off of one 24″ pepper plant. That’s extreme pepper production. The Reason this is so unusual is that under HID we never seem to get the robust full growth and terse leaf structure that we do in our greenhouses under natural light… though this wasn’t a strict control experiment… it did make a big enough difference that we suspect that this technology really works… it appears to improve plant vitality and quality of growth.”
Michael Christian, CEO President
286 South G Street
Arcata, CA 95521