The DL1000-ITQ-is a new intelligent version of the DL-1000. The form factor is the same but with addition, underneath the dome, of a box that contains the ITQ software and hardware.

It features B-wave proprietary software and hardware that are a must have for a computerized greenhouse or a technically advanced smaller grow op which wants the epitome of BioWave features.


New Digital Timer included. Eliminates the need to ever program or manipulate a standalone aftermarket timer.

A Light Sensor makes sure that the machine will only operate during the light period. This means that the plants will never be stressed by the BioWave running in the dark. The Light Sensor also assures that if a power outage occurs, the machine will automatically reset and turn on when the light come back on. No need to reprogram a timer.

A Speed Control makes the BioWave run at the exact predetermined optimal frequency all the time. This is important because the regular BioWave speed/frequency can vary depending on the temperature of grease in the main bearings. The speed control compensates for changes in grease temperature. A constant optimal frequency will make the machine run for a longer time and most importantly will make the yields and the pest control function work even beer than before. Higher yields less pests.

ITQ-connects to your computer through Wi-Fi. This function is optional, The ITQ will still run on a standalone basis. In a greenhouse with a data center this gives another metric to grow status. It s as simple as inserting your Wi-Fi code. Besides seeing everything is working: Speed Controller, Light Sensor, etc, it will give advance warning of any machine malfunction so that it can be sent in to be repaired before major damage occurs to the machine.

The DL-1000 attaches on to the ceiling with ratchet pulleys or has legs that permit the unit to stand on a table or any flat surface. This is a Plug & Play system that can operate autonomously, just plug into any standard wall socket using a 24 hr. timer and let the Biowave machine do the rest.

One Biowave-mini will cover 500 sq. ft. Unit will run on 110-240V. One year comprehensive warranty on parts and labor. Draws 20 watts. Waves are contained by sheetrock and other dense materials so they are concentrated in the growing area.

Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 12 | Weight: 18 lbs.